sprained left ankle

by anne
(West virginia)

I sprained my left ankle in December 2016. I was walking and twisted my ankle when I stepped on a leaf covered ditch and fell. I didn't know it was bad until that evening and immediately iced it when I got back to hotel.

Couldn't do much the next day as I was at meetings. Had an x-ray the following day. Saw a podiatrist and was put in a cast for 4 days. I hiked the Grand Canyon a few weeks later. After physical therapy in January and February it appeared to improve. I did a 4 day backpack trip in July.
In August I reinjured the ankle by doing lots of bending and squatting and fell again in August. Physical therapy didn't help.

After an MRI I saw another podiatrist November 2017 who told me I had ankle instability and recommended tendon surgery but nothing showed on the MRI. In December I saw an orthopedic surgeon he gave me a shot of cortisone which helped for a few days.

I can barely walk a few miles without pain. I have an air cast and an ankle brace. I'm going to see another doctor in a week. Maybe I should see a chiropractor--- any thoughts.

It's cramping my style I can't do the kettle bell weight lifting class I like and skiing and biking really hurt. Maybe I should try water aerobics again. Both activity and inactivity cause pain. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I lead a physical life both work and play and its cramping my style. The MRI and X rays revealed nothing major broken or torn.

Hello Anne,
Obviously I can't make a diagnosis, being unable to examine you, but if the MRI shows no injury, then the next place to look is a subluxated mortise or subtalar joint.

The displacements are so small that extremely difficult to see even on an MRI, and perhaps just fixated; a chiropractor experienced in working with feet and ankles can determine this with motion palpation.

Are you doing a daily set of exercises? Look for our alphabet exercises and if you can use a wobble board.

Phone your state association and ask for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; post graduate sports.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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