sprained foot

by Dara

I am wearing a moon boot and using crutches to get around, weight bearing as I can. Will my foot heal quicker if I rest it or quicker if I am up walking around, using it a lot? My husband thinks the more I use it the quicker it will heal? I feel the more I rest it the quicker it will heal?

Hello Dara,
Has it been xrayed? So often there's a fracture lurking somewhere.

Moderate use, to tolerance is actually good. But if it's swollen, then it's better to have to up too. I would recommend you take the boot off, ice it, and then gently move it around, non-weight bearing.

If it doesn't hurt to walk with the moonboot then it's okay to walk a bit. Watch your back too, as the strange gait can disturb your hip or sacroiliac joint. Perhaps do our lower back exercises every morning. You'll find them in the navigation bar on the left.

Very important is have someone experienced with feet to check for a subluxation of the talus or calcaneus; that often occurs when you sprain it and is responsible for the sharp stabs when weight bearing. If that's not released the ankle will become arthritic.

If weightbearing hurts, use crutches.

I hope this contributes. In general, ask for the opinion of the doctor who fitted the boot, not some strange person on the net!

Dr B

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