Sprained ankle

by Alyssa Mook
(Erie,PA )

Jones fracture

Jones fracture

Sprained ankle commonly subluxates and even fractures bones.

I sprained my ankle approximately 6 months ago; I returned to practice and games the week after.

I seemed fine until I started AAU. Then while running and and jumping and pivoting it all came back to me. My foot now has a lump on the side of my foot that's hard and hurts along my 5th metatarsal base.

I also get cramps under the ankle a lot. I tweak my ankle every once in awhile with it without a brace. It doesn't really bother me during activity but it limits what I can do after sport. I just need help on what to do because RICE doesn't work.

Hello Alyssa,
You returned to sport too quickly before rehabbing the injury.

A common injury when an ankle is sprained is the so called Jones fracture of the base of the fifth metatarsal. However, then it would be unlikely you went back to sport after a week.

Also, it's common to subuxate the talus, or subtalar joint and unless that is reduced you will start getting foot pain. Start looking for someone who specialises in treating feet.

Chiropractors with a FICS qualification have specialised in sports injuries.

Dr B

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