Sprained ankle untreated

Sprained ankle untreated now foot discomfort

I was walking nad went one step up only to miss a side of a step and landed on the widther side which was a bit deeper, of the steps on the same time a huge stone,like a moutain type of stone

was the I lended on it with the left foot and my ankle bend to the inner side nearly broken, for a few minutes I felt hot sensation, but after 5 minutes was very painful, got home did not sleep,is like I felt my blood passing thru, that breathing type of sensation,

the next morning it was swallon could not see the side bones, it took about twoo weeks, walking painfully, but healed. Sort of healed, now is been a year and a half still untreated, so I have discomforts on the same footsince then,

but sometimes I'm fine, comes occasionally, but everytime I wake up and try to stand or walk, I feel pain, or discomfort, in the middle of my foot, more like in between bones or tissues, I can't feel pain when touching butwhen I walk, that middle muscle that streches,somewere inside the Deltoit ligament the one that goes on the middle upper side of the foot, or maybe is the painful one,thanks for the pics the help.

Please help.it feels like is now a long term thing.Since I tripped I had this pain for almost two years now, but never put it together that I was that ancident, sometimes after walking a long distance, both my feet can't take it, I am thinking when am I getting to were I am going,the left foot get more tired that the other

The ankle and foot is a very complex organ, and when you sprain your ankle like you did, many things can happen.

Perhaps there's a fracture lurking, sprained ligaments, pulled muscles and injured joints.

I'm afraid that without a careful and thorough examination, no one will no exactly what your problem is. Obviously something.

It's naughty to not have such a serious injury unexamined, and untreated. You may have a disabling ankle / foot pain for the rest of your life.

Start looking for someone who knows about feet. It may be difficult. What you don't need is pills. A good examination: what's wrong! That's what's needed.

Good luck.

Dr B

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