Sprained ankle that is long to heal

by My
(Viet Nam)

I'm 19 and having a 10 month sprain now.
Sprain status: the swelling has decreased by about 90% but it pains inside, and restricts me from walking more than a period of time.

If I walk for more than a certain period of time, I will feel pain and nearly not be able to walk anymore.

At the time the injury occurred I rested, applied r.i.c.e, used a brace then got to go to school. 1 month after that and did have join in some school activities that need quite a lot movement. I think the reason may be because I didn't have COMPLETE REST but I still do some.

I still got to go to school every day now and I'm wondering if I have to drop out of school for half year or one year to cure this
I've seen a lot of doctors and orthopaedics practitioners but it didn't help.
I'm quite afraid that it would affect heavily on my future.

Hope to see your solution.

Hello My,
I think the problem is that the correct diagnosis has not been made, and thus the wrong treatment has been given, or insufficient treatment.

Very occasionally, but it really is rare, a sprain can be so bad that it leaves a permanent mark; that doesn't sound like the case, from what you describe.

It's not impossible that a fracture has been missed; there are many overlapping bones in the foot and ankle, and often the radiologist doesn't see the fracture line. It happens all too frequently, particularly if the xray was taken soon after the fracture, and there hasn't been enough swelling to open the crack and make it visible.

A very common injury is the subluxation of the ankle mortise or subtalar joints. It's not seen on xray usually, and is very painful. I know because I've had it myself. The analysis and and treatment of such subluxations is usually not difficult in the hands of a skilled chiropractor.

Then the cuboid bone can be a devil. It articulates with six different bones and any one of those joints can be problematic.

My suggestions are:
1. Have a second xray taken if one hasn't already been done. Specify as accurately as you can where the pain is.
2. If you can persuade the orthopedist, have a CT scan done. That will find any fracture that may be lurking.
3. See if you can find a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; sports chiropractic.
4. Do our alphabet exercises.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B


» Sprain that is long to heal

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