Sprained ankle for 2 months

by Selina
(UK )

Ankle mortise subluxation

Ankle mortise subluxation

Sprained ankle for 2 months.

I went to the doctors and was told it's a sprained ankle and I need to ice, rest etc; by second week the was no improvement and my foot stopped moving downwards and it seemed like it was locked; basically I had no ability to do plantar flexion.

I went back again and they referred me for a X-ray however I had to wait for 10 days to receive my result. I was struggling to walk because my foot felt like it was jammed/locked on the joint area and it's so difficult for me to do anything and the pain was not going away.

I ended up going back to the doctors for the third time but they could not do anything until my result arrives; when the result arrived it showed its clear with no broken bone also there's no fracture on the ankle but I was told to rest my foot and do light exercise. I still can't seem to move my foot so therefore just had my MRI scan done so just waiting for results.

I'm so worried that having my ankle jammed in that position for 8 weeks, will it ever go back to normal again. I only done light exercises at home and normal walking. I feel so paranoid it may be a permanant thing and have I done any further damage to my foot?

What treatment would I need?

Hello Selina,
I'm going to stick my neck out, not having examined you, and state that I would give 100 to 1 odds that you've subluxated the talus bone in the ankle mortise joint.

I can do that because I've had the exact injury you describe myself, and I've treated probably several thousand over the years.

When you turn your ankle four things regularly happen.

1. Ligaments are torn, and it goes all the colours of the rainbow.

2. Tendons and muscles are strained and sometimes also torn.

3. One of the many bones in the ankle are fractured; often it's not easily visualised on a normal xray because of the overlapping bones. The MRI will detect it, if present.

4. And fourthly there a subluxation in the ankle mortise, subtalar or one of the many other joints in the ankle and proximal foot.

The ankle mortise controls dorsi and plantar flexion, so I suspect a displaced talus bone; the deviation is usually so small that it's not seen easily on xray or MRI. Having been there myself, I recall well the severe stabbing pain. Probably the worst pain I've had in my life; that you don't forget easily.

The good news, Selina, is that it's usually easily treated by a sports oriented chiropractor. Look for someone with a FICS qualification. Of course, after two months it's not going to be straight forward, and you will have to be patient. But I can virtually guarantee it will get completely better, assuming the MRI doesn't pick up a latent fracture.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

Dr B

» Sprained ankle for 2 months

» Sprained ankle for 2 months

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