Sprained ankle but my ankle joint is locked

by Shelly
(United Kingdom )

Sprained ankle but my ankle joint is locked.

I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago; been to the doctors 3 times, had a X-ray done. The result was clear; it is not fractured or broken but I was told to rest my feet and do light exercise but throughout the 6 weeks my feet stopped moving downwards and it seemed like its locked/jammed on the ankle joint area

Basically I had no ability to do plantar flexion, my toe won't touch the ground but I am able to bring my feet towards me. I'm struggling so much and now they are referring me for a MRI scan and physiotherapy next week but I'm just worried that having my ankle stuck for 6 weeks, did I do any further damage.

Also will my feet ever go back to normal and what treatment would I need.

Hello Shelly,
Your concerns are quite legitimate, but at six weeks there is probably no permanent damage from having your ankle locked.

Many things can happen in an ankle because it's a very complex organ, but to summarise:

1. Sprained ligaments. Did it go blue?

2. Strained tendons or muscles sometimes cause an "avulsion fracture" of the fifth metatarsal. Is it very tender on the outer side of the midfoot. The radiologist is not likely to have missed it, but it can happen.

3. Swelling which may be massive or mild.

4. Subluxation of either the talus bone in the ankle mortise in which case you lose the up down movement; your problem. Or the subtalar joint, when you lose the rolling movement of the ankle. Both can happen.

From what you describe it's pretty clear that you have sprained the ankle mortise joint, and the bone is sitting "out of place" to use a crude term. But I've done it myself, and treated thousands, so I know of your misery.

Reducing that subluxated talus is very simple; in the hands of a competent adjuster of the feet.

Look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; sports chiropractic. It's not rocket science.

Let me know how you get on. Do the "alphabet exercises".

Dr B

» Sprained ankle but my ankle joint is locked

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