Sprain or fracture of my ankle is my concern

by Shelly
(Harper woods Mich u.s.a)

I rolled my rt ankle inward at work an heard a crack by the time I went to clinic it was already swollen they took x-rays but found no fracture (s) as the first week went by..my ankle an entire foot continued​ to swell an turn purple on both sides of my ankle an green bruising covering the entire outside of my foot was put in a boot by end of the day it throbs so bad I can't even sleep is there a slight possibility that there could be a missed fracture anywhere near the injury area of my ankle as well as torn ligamints.. keep in mind this is workman's comp so the clinic isn't really gonna treat thoroughly..ps looks like a bulge bump outer side of ankle..signed scared to walk

Sorry, Shelley, but I'm not in the mood to correct your grammar. You have real concerns that need to be addressed. Please submit again written on a computer and not in gobble di gook.

Dr B

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