shoulder stiffness and pain

by helen

My shoulder is very stiff. I have had chiro treatment previously but this problem still comes on and off after the treatment. My chiropractor told me that my upper and middle trapezius muscles are the main causes of my shoulder pain. He said that he had never seen anyone with shoulder that stiff before. They keep on saying that I'm stress but i actually don't. This problem has last for about 5 or 6 years and still counting. (I'm 19 this year)

Next, the area around my levator scapulae and rhomboid muscles feels severe pain whenever I'm carrying out external rotation of arm. this limits me from doing yoga exercises.

Hello Helen,
Grasp the difference between active and passive movements. Is that external rotation of your shoulder when you use your muscles to make the movement, or is it just the same if your chiro, or someone else turns your arm? There's an important difference.

Does reaching behind your back, as into a pocket in your jeans limited and sore?

Lie on your back with both your shoulder and elbow at ninety degrees. Turn your shoulder in and out as in a royal wave. Compare with the other arm. Then ask a friend to turn your arm in the same way. Is there a difference?

The shoulder, lower neck and midback are inextricably linked. Somewhere there I think your chiro is missing something but obviously I don't know what.

Are you doing any shoulder exercises on a daily basis? Whilst you're not in the right age group for a frozen shoulder, you might find those exercises helpful. Use the search this site function at C-H to go to frozen shoulder and thence to the Youtube link.

As a general rule, if you know you're not getting better, then it's time to consult another chiro, or perhaps even your medical doctor for an opinion.

Let me know the answers to the above questions. Please don't answer from your phone. I tire of correcting grammar!

Dr B

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