Shoulder pain and tingling

by kristian ukah
(calabar, nigeria)

Shoulder pain and tingling

for quite some time, i have been presented with pains on my right shoulder muscle. i cannot raise my arm above 70 degrees without feeling the pains. recently i started noticing some tingling on the same arm intermittently. the sensation has moved a bit to the back of the shoulder. what can be the cause and remedy?

Hello Kristian,
It is possible to have arthritis in the shoulder - difficult to diagnose arthritis without an X-ray - but it's not likely in this instance.

Most shoulder conditions have at their root, an irritated nerve in the neck. Hence the tingling in your arm and the back of your shoulder.

Knowing EXACTLY which part of the arm tingles helps the doctor to make the diagnosis.

It's speculative, of course, since I can't examine you but I suspect you have a rotator cuff strain that may be turning into a frozen shoulder ... Start the exercises found at this page.

This is a very painful condition that you have, and it's best to find a chiropractor, if you can. I know there are some in Nigeria... but it's a big country! Because your neck needs to be examined, and probably treated.

Start the exercises...

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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Dr B

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