shoulder nerve pain radiates down arm on high sides nightly 2hrs sleep

by JIM
(North Dakota)

» shoulder nerve pain radiates down arm on high sides nightly 2hrs sleep

I've had 4 months of pain. I go to bed on my back. While asleep I roll on to my right side, within a few minutes at a total of two hours sleep, I awake with my high side left shoulder and upper arm in severe tingling burning PAIN. If I do not get out of bed the tingling will extend to hand. If I roll on to that bad left shoulder, it does not cure. If I get out of bed, sit in recliner, it takes 10 minutes to go from 8/10 pain to 1/10. I fall asleep upright for 1 - 3 hrs. If I return to bed on my back I roll on to my right side, and the left shoulder pain returns at 1.5 hrs severe.
My right shoulder and upper arm MUSCLE has low levels of this tingling and muscle pain.
Data: tramadol and tylenol have NO effect. my left scapula has 2/10 pain only when snapping scapula when pulling my shoulders back. 2 clicks! in left shoulder. I am a 60 yr old male with good range of motion in both shoulders. 3 yr old lower back fusion, recovery of arm strength to carry 8 lbs either arm no pain, some pain at 20 lbs each arm, high pain at 35 lbs on each arm. My sed. rate is very low. My father at 75-90 had to have prednisone for PMR without giant cell, pain, freezing shoulders and hips. He would need boosted levels every couple years for flue or infection. They waited two yrs before giving him pred.
Shoulder xray negative for arthritis, am having MRI soon.

Hello Jim,
There are quite a lot of possibilities, so here are a few questions.

1. Which fingers tingle?

2. If your arm is tingling and aching and you place your hand on your head, does it relieve or increase the tingling?

3. What happens if you turn your head to the left and look up? Ask she who must be obeyed to place both hands on your head and GENTLY press straight down.

4. Go to Chiropractic Help and, using the search function, find the upper limb tension test. Do it. What happens?

Keep to this thread.

Dr B

» nerve pain radiates down arm on high sides nightly 2hrs sleep

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