Shooting Ankle Pain but it's not swollen or bruised

A few days ago I crouched down to clean up some water I spilled and I just as I was resting on my ankle wrong because I felt something pop out of place slightly. It has been like two days and whenever I go up stairs, walk around, kneel down, or turn my ankle I get a shooting pain in it. It isn't swollen or bruised. I can walk on it fine, but it really hurts a majority of the time.

Apologies, I've been on leave.

It's now three weeks since you wrote, so this should have resolved with home care. If it hasn't then it's time to seek help from a local professional.

If it's not swollen or bruised then it's unlikely that any tissue is torn or broken. The most likely cause is a subluxation of one of the small ankle bones; this usually responds very quickly after being reduced.

However, if there is underlying old injury it may well be more difficult. Then an x-ray is called for.

Dr B

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