Severe Point of Shoulder Pain radiating down to forearm

by Alex
(BC, Canada)

Does raising your arm like this relieve the pain?

Does raising your arm like this relieve the pain?

Originally had rotator cuff tear in right shoulder almost healed after 20yrs.

Have Carpal Tunnel in both forearms, after working as a deckhand on a Salmon Troller for 15yrs; some days gutting 500 fish a day, "Humpys or Coho salmon" back in the day.

Recently injured both shoulders after moving, re-injured 2 more times in as many years, "Moving again".

I was lifting and stacking 24 plastic totes weighing 40-60 lbs each in all 3 moves. Had to stack them 5x high in a full size van with raised camper roof. Lifting in a "Clean and Jerk" type motion then having to extend my arms out to carefully position the totes as some of the contents were quite fragile.

Now both shoulders mostly on top and front of "Deltoids" are very painful when "Test":

1.) Raising arms to 90deg to front then swinging arms to side.
2.) Raising arms to 90deg to sides then swinging to front.
3.) Raising arms to top of head and holding for 1 min, then Extremely Painful when lowering arms to sides, "Must let them fall to sides" to painful to use muscle to lower below 90deg.
Last move was 4mo ago.

What do you think Doc?

Thank You,

There could be a number of things going on; most likely a biceps strain, but there are specific tests that isolate the muscles to make the diagnosis more accurate.

Also because of the current shoulder and elbow strains I'd be having a good look at your lower neck which supplies these muscles.

Making an accurate diagnosis is important for the surgeon, but for you frankly it doesn't matter that much to you. Look up our shoulder exercise programme, start them gently, icing your shoulder every day.

Take it seriously or it may turn into a frozen shoulder.

Dr B

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