severe pain in hand and neck

Was this the pattern of numbness in your hand?

Was this the pattern of numbness in your hand?

I have had pain in my cervical spine for 3 years and have had cortisone injections, numbing of the nerve at C6 and recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel which has now been operated on but still in pain and living on codeine.

I have used BUPA to get treatment quickly, are you approved by BUPA?

It's most unlikely we even live on the same continent! In any case, ours is cash practice. You have to get the refund from your medical insurance.

In chiropractic we usually recommend a second opinion if there is no significant improvement in 4-6 weeks. It's a shame your doctor didn't suggest chiropractic when medical treatment was obviously failing.

After three years of pain the treatment is likely to be difficult.

Talk to friends and family and find a competent chiropractor in your neck of the woods. Take your x-rays and scans with you.

Good luck.

Dr B

» Severe pain in hand and neck

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