Severe facial pain and headache

by Sweta
(Jalandar Punjab india)

Almost a year have past but I am still suffering with facial pain, switches the side, and headache. First I visited my dentist thinking that I might have tooth ache but he said everything was fine and asked me to go the ent specialist.

Seeing my symptoms he said I might have sinus infection so I was given antibiotics but after it got worse I switched to another doc who gave me a series of medicines over 2 months. I got my CT scan but nothing special was there. There is improvement cause I don't get a blocked nose anymore but in Dec my facial was accompanied by neck pain which extends to both arms.

Is there any possible way to get well cause I am not able to focus on my studies. I have searched all sites and my doctors are confused sometimes they say I have sinus, allergy or may be due to neck pain. I have tried other options like Ayurveda but none is helping and I am in no mood to swallow medicines which make me dizzy and tired. I am just 18 yrs and want to be a doctor but with these things my dream is fading. Please help me as I am losing interest in living, I don't have enough money to pay those bills. Please help me.

Dear Sweta,
Do you have any pain, or clicking or popping sounds from your jaw joints? They are located just in front of the ears.

Slide your index finger into your mouth and back into the 'pterygoid pocket" between the last upper molar and the cheek; is it very tender?

There are so many causes of these symptoms; it sounds like you are experiencing what is known as a trigeminal neuralgia. But it could be coming from your neck.

Ask your doctors whether these symptoms could be coming from the jaw joints.

I wish I could offer more; alas not.

Dr B

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