Severe coccyx pain after a fall on the stair edge

by Cynthia
(Connecticut )

Fell hard directly onto tailbone on stair edge. Immediately wanted to vomit. Iced immediately and every few hours. Putting pressure onto tailbone is very painful whether by sitting or touching, bending, stair climbing, standing in one spot or bowel movements.

I have pain also in my low spine and inner thighs and right buttock. Kegel exercises we're recommended however hurts quite a following the fetal position to get out of bed and donut or sitting to side with no relief.

When do you seek medical attention as opposed to web opinions?

Hello Cynthia,
The answer is as soon as possible if you have severe pain anywhere. Obviously I have no idea what the diagnosis is, and it may be that several tissues have been injured seeing that you have lower back and leg pain too.

It's time to visit your doctor and have an x-ray taken of the coccyx and the whole pelvis; you may have a fracture, and the lumbo-thoracic junction also needs to be examined.

The most common consequence of direct trauma to the coccyx is a subluxation anteriorally; forwards. It's like a sprained ankle but deep inside your butt. Ice and keeping the weight off it was the right thing to do.

Chiropractic care of the condition comes in two parts. First for the treatment of an acute injuries and exterior mobilisation of the coccyx. For chronic cases, an unpleasant but not painful treatment is an internal repositioning of the coccyx. It has to be done via the anus, and takes no more than two or three minutes. Not all chiropractors will do it.

I'm afraid this may be painful for several months; at all costs avoid surgery to remove the coccyx.

I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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