Severe ankle sprain grade 3

by Tina
(Gravesend kent)

I have a grade 3 ankle sprain.
I did this about 6 weeks ago
It is still swollen but I can put some weight on it. I have a moon boot which I still have to wear. I have tried to walk on it but can't as it still feels unstable.
Im getting frustrated with it.
Is it normal to still be like this?

Ligaments take longer to heal, Tina, than bones, so yes it may be normal.

There are two buts however.

The first is that fractures are often missed on ankles because of the overlapping bones. The rule of thumb is re x-ray and perhaps even a scan if it's not responding as expected. Talk to the doctor in charge of your case.

The second is that the pain often comes from a subluxated talus or calcaneus, and sometimes other foot bones too. Unless that subluxation is reduced, usually very simple by a chiropractor experienced in treating feet, the pain and instability may continue for years, and then arthritis sets in.

See your doctor first to see if he is happy about your progress. Then consider seeing someone with a sports chiropractic qualification called FICS; contact the BCA.

Start the alphabet exercises which you'll find using the search application at chiropractic help.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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