Second degree foot sprain

Six days ago I twisted my right foot. Of course there is some yellowish bruising appearing on my foot. I went to the doctor and got it Xrayed. They focused on the outside of my foot instead of the inside with the Xray.

At the time I am not sure which side hurt worse. I think there was maybe one xray of the inside of my foot. It now looks like its swollen or something from my ankle to the arch of my foot. I feel that it looks a little deformed.

I am told to use crutches and wear a brace to support it. It does still hurt when I move it in a certain direction. The deformed look inside of my foot is the concern. Is this normal and will it go away?

I'm assuming the xray showed nothing. Incidentally with xrays it makes little difference whether taken inside to outside or outside to inside. In anatomical language, medial to lateral or lateral to medial.

In all probability your doctor's advice is correct. You might also ice, and keep wriggling it whilst sitting; moving the ankle helps to move the fluid that has built up.

There are two other questions of importance. The first is whether you subluxated a bone in the ankle during the sprain. It would cause sharp pain when you put weight on the foot, most likely.

And the second whether an incipient fracture was missed. Undisplaced fractures are difficult to see in the early stages until it has swollen in the fracture, and because of the overlapping nature of the bones. A scan may be necessary. This is particularly so because of the deformed look.

The rule is, after a week if you feel it's not improving as expected, go back to your doctor and ask for another xray.

Let us know how you get on and what transpires.

Dr B

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