Rolling of ankle twice in same weekend

by Samantha
(Belfair Wa)

Rolling of ankle twice in same weekend demands an expert opinion.

About three days ago I rolled my ankle during a soccer game and I got up with a great amount of pain but continued to play and finished the game; in pain that night there; was no swelling nor bruising but the following day I had two more games and I rolled it again and I collapsed and again had great pain.

And I played two more games over the weekend and it is now tender and bruised and hurt to rotate my ankle and to put pressure.
When I have rolled my ankle my foot goes in and my ankle goes out and it makes crunching sounds and a sharp pain.
I was wondering if I should consult a doctor.
Also the pain goes up my shins and a large pain in my hip flexor area.

Hello Samantha,
Your coach needs his head read! You should never have been allowed to continue playing like that over the same weekend. You are at risk of having a weak ankle for life.

I would recommend seeing a specialist whose expertise in in ankles. First a diagnosis is needed.

Absolutely no sport until you've had a qualified opinion; this could very easily become hugely disabling in the future if not well managed.

Sorry to be so negative, but I've seen it happen. Often. Quite a lot depends on what level you are playing. Are you a weekend warrior or semi professional?

Dr B

» Rolling of ankle twice in same weekend

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