Roller Disco fall

by marie
(United Kingdom)

4 weeks ago I was at a Roller Disco with my friend,I fell back wards on to a concrete floor and instantly felt sick, sugar level had dropped. I was in a lot of pain and and attended my MD. She suggested using an ortho ring to sit on along with pain meds as I had possibly cracked my coccyx. Since then I have noticed when I lie down I feel like it's lying on my coccyx; this evening I was unable to get out the bath due to pain down both leg; my husband helped me out but noticed a red mark at my coccyx when I was lying in the bath . Could I have done more damage than I think? Not sure why I'm lying on my coccyx; please help.

Thank you

Dr. Barrie LewisDr. Barrie Lewis

Hello Marie,
Nasty business that fall. I would agree with your doctor; that orthopaedic ring so you don't put direct pressure is a must.

Seeing you are getting the radiating pains down your legs, and it's now a whole month, I would recommend an x-ray. Quite difficult part to see clearly.

If there's no fracture, but it's bruised, or perhaps displaced forwards then it needs to be adjusted by your chiropractor. This can usually be done externally, but occasionally via the rectum. Not pleasant but it works; if you can find someone who'll do it. Not sure what the laws are in England. In South Africa I could, in Holland not.

If there is a fracture, then you have to wait out six to eight weeks before treatment; ice helps.

Sacral fractures are not common, but that happens too.

What's needed is a careful and thorough chiropractic examination. What else has been injured? Have you slipped a disc too, injured the sacroiliac joint, etc.

I'd start by getting an xray or scan of the sacrum and coccyx. Talk to your doctor. Perhaps print this out and take it with you.

Then get on the phone and start looking for a chiropractor who'll treat a coccyx. Take hubby with you.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a few weeks. Keep to this thread.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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