rolled ankle

by Nicholas Delianedis

3 years ago I badly rolled my ankle. I went to the hospital and they wouldn't do an Xray. They told me I sprained it and sent me home. 2 weeks later I went back and made them do an xray because i was still in pain. The xray showed a broken fibula which already started healing so they said to wait for it to finish healing and see how it feels. I attached a picture of the broken bone. The fibula healed malrotated and since then I have had pain in my ankle, my foot feels like it lands completely different.

I developed pain in my back on both sides that is right below the ribs, along with groin pain and pain around my waist. They looked at my hip and found a torn labrum and arthritis which I believe to have been caused by my broken fibula. I had my hip fixed however my pain has not gone away...

The doctors are not helpful and I this point im conteplating getting a lawyer because no one will help me and they just try to give me medicine instead of addressing the issue...

What should I do?

Difficult Nicholas. You might squeeze some money out of them but at great expense and cost to yourself; and a lot of stress. But it won't fix your ankle.

It's a difficult issue; I too don't x-ray at the drop of a hat. 7 percent of all cancers are caused by medical xrays. So I too wait if there are no definite signs of fracture. The clinical exam was obviously a bit shoddy because a fractured fibula would have been very painful.

When there's enough force to break a bone, almost invariably there been tearing of ligaments and perhaps a hidden fracture within the ankle that hasn't been detected; often hard to see because of overlapping structures.

What's needed is a really thorough and careful clinical exam. Usually in an inversion sprain there's also a subluxation of the talus or subtalar joints. That's where I'd be looking for a start.

And obviously the knock effect on your hip and back; that fracture would have changed your whole gait, and may still be affected.

Look for an experienced and thorough chiropractor who specialises in feet; not just expensive orthotics.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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