rolled ankle

stepped on someones foot while running

felt a pop, was able to limp around for a short while, hurt

next day ankle did not swell but could not put any pressure- there was no pain anymore unless it is bumped or pressure is applied

3rd day ankle swelled, still no pain or bruise

i definatley felt a pop towards the top left of my foot left ankle

using crutches to get around

any advice if torn ligament

Hello Elie,
Most likely you have a subluxated talus or calcaneus in your ankle. Typically very sharp pain when weight bearing, with no significant swelling or bruising if there is no damage to the ligaments.

If there was a fracture, you would almost certainly have more swelling and bruising. So an xray may well not be necessary.

Reducing the subluxation is not difficult, but you will have to rehab the ankle as the ligaments and capsule would almost certainly have been stretched, and then it just rolls again.

Many of the foot pain syndromes we treat have their origin in something like this that was neglected. Deal with it now whilst it's acute and save yourself the grief later.

Find a local chiropractor who has works with feet and ankles. Not all chiros do.

Meantime use ice and keep it moving.

Dr B

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