Right ankle pain

by Tania

I sprained my right ankle wearing a pair of wedges and fell forward of sprained ankle. About 6 months later I fell off a treadmill and sprained the other ankle.

My right ankle is the one that is giving me pain; this happened over a year ago. I was on crutches for a week and iced etc. X-ray showed nothing. My ankle hurts on the outside and swells during the day. The only time the swelling goes down is overnight. It hurts when I sit, stand and walk. I move it regularly to keep it mobile. The pain of late seems to be getting worse. I ice when I can and that hurts.

So I need to go back to Doctors for a scan instead of X-ray?

Hello Tania,
When you sprain your ankle various things can happen, one of which is a subluxated ankle mortise, or subtalar joint. Unless it's corrected, the ankle just goes on troubling.

It's possible you have an undiagnosed fracture; the xrays are difficult to read because of overlapping bones, making it difficult to read. So a scan is not out of place.

Start looking for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; it's a specialisation in sports injuries.

Dr B

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