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(London UK )

Lots of spinal issues that I am trying to get on top of. (MRI report attached)

I am keeping fit and generally feel strong through exercise and lots of activity at age 53.

I came across your website and details on
"Maignes Syndrome" which describes the exact symptoms I have had for many years.

My MRI report did show some issues at the T10 /T11 level could this be causing the symptoms associated with the above.??

I also suffer from (L) side nerve irritation which causes nerve twitching in buttock and involuntary muscle movements in(L)calf.
Occasional painful cramping in calf, Hamstring & Achilles.

These episodes only started 2/3 months after my Discectomy surgery in October 2012 and I still get them. Been told scarring/fibrosis tissue as a result of surgery is the reason.

The most annoying thing is it all kicks off when I am lying down / sleeping .. any advise on this.
Sleeping on my back is the best for me.
If I sleep on left or right side this brings on the nerve twitching (L) side that then sometimes leads to involuntary muscle contractions and occasional cramps.

Hello Ramesh,
It's quite difficult to distinguish cramps that are mediated via a mineral deficiency, most usually associated with sport and the heat of summer, and those that are truly neurological. A change in reflex may give some clue, and also sensory change; try pricking the skin with a needle and comparing with the other leg.

In my humble opinion there's not such thing as a 'cure' for lower back and leg pain, same as there isn't for diabetes. Both need maintenance care and most of that should be done by the patient.
Exercise, diet management and medication in the case of diabetes, and exercise and chiropractic or surgical care for lower back problems.

Many folk think wrongly that after surgery they will be 'cured'. Not so. Nor after successful chiropractic care for a sciatica say; a lifetime of exercise lies ahead.

Lying on your side at night with a pillow between your knees may help.

Those back exercises should be done in bed every morning before arising.

The thoraco-lumbar area can be in some folk quite difficult to adjust with chiropractic.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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