Questionable femoral nerve pain

by stefano
(bangkok, Thailand)

» Questionable femoral nerve pain

It started few years ago when by over playing football I gradually developed an unbearable pain on my left knee and made it impossible for me to even walk for about a month.

A few months later I was not completely rehabilitated I starred to play again after few times I felt some pain coming back so I stopped; couple months later started again, could never perform the same and gradually I started having lower back pain when getting up in the morning, now I have pain from my left hand, arm, shoulder, upper back lower back, hip side of thigh weak quads and knee and unbearable pain shooting on the outer lower leg down to my ankle.

The pain doesn't let me sleep on my outer lower leg it used to come once every two weeks now is constantly with me day and night never goes away only changes intensity. I am 44 years old;
thank you for reading.

Hello Mr Stefano,
You make no mention of treatment, or examination.

The diagnosis really isn't clear and, it's for this reason, I recommend xrays and an MRI scan.

Firstly, it's fairly unusual for the pain to begin in the leg and only later begin in the lower back. It's usually the other way around.

Then, whilst in the beginning, the distribution could well have been in the course of the femoral nerve, pain down the outer lower leg is definitely not femoral; it's mostly a sciatic nerve problem.

So, either the injury to your lower back has affected two different nerves, or it was always a sciatica. Or, the early pain in your knee had nothing to do with your back.

It's time for a thorough examination.

Dr B

» Questionable femoral nerve pain

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