pins and needles in the arm have come back after surgery

by saffron
(essex england)

I had an operation last year for carpal tunnel and a trapped nerve in arm; there was improvement but recently I am getting pins and needles again and tingling in same right arm, sometimes spreading to the chest, face and neck. I've been referred back to hospital. Have you any idea what it could be?

Hello Saffron,
Start by going to the search function at chiropractic help, and type in Boston carpal tunnel syndrome questionnaire. Think back and try to do it for the period before the surgery, and then again your status now.

We call carpal tunnel a double crush syndrome; research shows there are often multiple sites where the median nerve may be irritated on its way from the cervical spine to your fingers. Does it miss the pinkie by the way?

I have four questions.

1. Do movements of your head cause pain in and around the neck, or down the arm?

2. Is the area just below the elbow in the soft part of the forearm particularly tender?

3. Again using that search function, get a friend to help you with the "upper limb tension test"; is it positive.

4. Ask your doctor or chiropractor to do Adson's test; checking the pulse in the wrist with movements of the neck.

If you want to continue this discussion, please write on a computer.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» pins and needles in the arm have come back after surgery

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