Patient of Frozen Shoulder

by Beverly

In October 2015, I complained about pain in my left shoulder. The pain was intense, it hurt under my arm and I had shooting pain across my breast.

In November I had my yearly mammogram, test came back negative. I complained again to my doctor how I seemed to be losing movement in my arm, and also how painful it had become to raise my arm to comb my hair. My Doctor set me to get a MRI and the results were I had an adhesive capsulitis of the left shoulder.

So far I have been to Physical Therapy 3 times, and on the last visit, I was instructed to use an overhead weight of 5lbs to
exercise my arm. I don't know how to explain the pain I've been in since that last visit.

I do my assigned exercises at home, but I'm struggling to do them. My left hand wakes me up at night, and I take a medication to help me rest. Just finished testing for AC1 it's 6.7, blood pressure is good, I walk, my BMI is 25, my weight is good, I'm 63yrs. old.

I need to understand the pain and swelling of my arm, hands
and fingers.

Hello Beverly,
Please lie on your back with your right elbow and shoulder at 90*. Ask hubby to gently rotate the shoulder by pushing the fist first internally and then externally. Remember what you feel.

Repeat with naughty shoulder. What's the difference. Let me know.

I wouldn't do that exercise with your arm above your head. As a general rule exercises shouldn't hurt; you may feel it but no pain.

There are concerns about the diagnosis. A frozen shoulder wouldn't normally cause swelling. With pain now of six months duration, and getting worse you have every right to be concerned.

A frozen shoulder on the other hand is one of the toughest conditions to treat. Personally I love it, as it responds well to chiropractic, but the pain is horrific so don't feel you're being a baby.

Our understanding is that it is usually related to a lower neck or first rib condition. Not treating these causes of the problem means the chances of success are lower.

You'll see we have some frozen shoulder exercises at Chiropractic Help. Remember they shouldn't cause pain. Do them gently, especially at first.

Dr B

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