painless swelling, intermittent, at the steroclavicular and sterno rib 1&2&3

by Gerald

Hi Dr. Barrie,

I have the above symptom but no pain and swelling goes and comes.

The swelling is neutralized with deep breathing......may be thru the scalene muscles.

Another interesting matter is that when I wake up in bed, I check the joint and there is no swelling. The moment I get out of bed the swelling is there. Bizzarre huh?

I have a facial/mandibular asymmetry, extreme malocclusion again with no pain in the TMJ's. I am wearing a splint. Can send you a couple of videos for my malocclusion as a visual.

Got any clues please? from a VERY long distance?

Thanks and regards,

Hello Gerald,
Yes, it could be Tietze's syndrome, though the latter usually painful, and sometimes very painful. Unrelated to your TMJ condition.

It's always a little difficult with conditions not disturbing you in any way. Ask your doctor if concerned but if you have no pain, no restriction with breathing, no indigestion, no rib pain, no mid back pain, no tingling in the arm, then I'd be inclined to ignore it. But, not sure... always safer to ask your doctor for an opinion.

Could you attach a photograph? Or send to me at Contact.

Dr B

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