Painful coccyx, cushion helps only partly

by Melissa

I don't know what I have done to my tail bone, but it is very painful to sit. I have a cushion; it's the square one with the u shape cut out. I first used it in the car and was very happy to be able to sit without pain, but when I got home and used it on my settee it wasn't the same; it is doing the job but it's not comfortable and I'm fed up now with this discomfort. Is there any advice anyone can give me please it would be much appreciated.

Hello Melissa,
I'm assuming this is indeed coccyx pain, and not sacral, or even sacroiliac; unless you really know your anatomy, it may take a chiropractor, or your doctor to tell the difference.

It's less common to have a painful coccyx, and not know you've injured it. Most folk recall a fall causing direct trauma which either fractures, or displaces the bone. So, unless you're confident it's improving, have it examined, including an xray.

A round doughnut cushion may be better at home; or you can make one; see our chiropractic help site.

Chiropractic treatment involves a mobilisation of the coccyx from the exterior but, if that doesn't help, done internally. It's not pleasant having to drop your britches, but it's not really painful and takes only about two minutes from start to finish. This also helps your doctor check the other structures around the coccyx.

Don't have it excised.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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