painful ankle

by clarissa maaon

I have a constant dull achy pain on the inside of my right ankle. Im also experiancing a sharp pain on the arch of my foot. I fell a few months ago my ankle swelled and bruised almost straight after the fall. I have trouble when applying any pressure to my ankle. I went to A & E but they didnt xray they sent me home with an ankle aupport.

I was wondering if there is more going on than I was told. Thanks.

Hello Clarissa,
One can't xray every case of trauma, unless there are definite indications that there is probably a fracture.

You should have been told to come back in say ten days for a reassessment.

What's needed now is a careful, thorough examination, and probably an xray and even a scan. Fractures are often missed on plain xrays.

Time to find someone who knows about feet; talk to friends and family and your medical doctor.

Dr B

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