Pain through the sternum

by Vanessa
(Great britain)

I have copd, my trigger point pain is behind my heart through to the sternum, I have given up on my GP, I feel as if I am wasting the time, they have no time for me, and I am desperate.

I was admitted to a and e 2 days ago, as this pain is a replication of a heart attack, 2 to 3 times a year, I'm in the a and e, and I still don't know what it is, all my tests come back fine. But this time the young doctor said he he thinks it's arthritis in my sternum; what can I do to help myself?

Also severe headaches, is this associated with this condition?

I am 61 year old female, and I have a high fitness level. Would be grateful for any suggestions, as I am finding this too hard to cope with, and I am suicidal.

Whilst there is the possibility your sternal pain is referred from heart, lung or mediastum, it would seem these have been explored and excluded. Good.

Arthritis of the sternum is unlikely, but a Tietze's syndrome of the costo-sternal joint is a strong possibility.

Run your fingers down the sides of the breastbone, feeling each joint with the rib. Is one (or more) particularly tender, and is there a little lump?

Do you have midback discomfort? Indigestion. Let me know and we'll take this further.

Chronic coughing is probably the cause.

Dr B

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