pain in top of ankle when bending knee over foot.

by Daniel
(London. England)

Stiffness / pain in top of ankle when bending knee over foot. Or when bending / putting pressure on an acute position.

The last months I went through the lateral ankle ligament sprain/re-occurrence and then took time off to effectively treat.

That problem is behind me now thankfully. However I noticed recently I am having stiffness/pain when bending my knee forwards over my foot. Or when my foot is in an acute position with pressure applied.

This is causing massive problems with running effectively.

I can.t seem to find much on this issue and any help is greatly appreciated!


Hello Daniel,
I can't quite figure out what 'bending your knee over foot' means.

Several things can happen when you sprain your ankle; torn ligaments, stretched tendons, subluxated subtalus or mortise joints and fractured bones.

It sounds like this is more complicated than you realise and it's time for a proper examination by someone experience with treating feet and ankles. Look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification.

Dr B

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