Pain in temple and behind eye for a year now.

by Supriya
(Mumbai, India )

I had been diagnosed or say misdiagnosed for migraine, cevicogenic headache, sinusitis, occipital neuralgia for last one year when it was TMD.

Been a walking pharmacy since then. Tried physio, accupuncture but all in wrong places. It started with pain in temple and behind eye on my left side which increased to neck pain and pain in cheeks. I didn't think it's TMD since no jaw pain.

Anyway after being diagnosed with TMD have been taking ultrasound, magnesium supplements and sound some jaw exercises and yoga which has helped partially. I am staying in Mumbai and don't have any chiropractors here. Any self treatment I can take to be pain free?

Hello Supriya,
You've had a miserable time of it, worst being that there is still some doubt about the diagnosis.

For me, to call it a TMD you must have at least one of four things:
1. Place your fingers over the temporomandibular joints, just in front of the tragus of the ears. Go to Chiropractic Help's search function and type in TMJ anatomy to find these structures. If you press moderately firmly, is the marked tenderness on one or both sides?

2. Keeping your fingers on the TMJ, slowly open your mouth several times looking for
a) asymmetrical opening of the joints. Does one open later than the other?
b) any popping or clicking or grinding sounds?

3. Repeat 2. with your index finger in your ears, pulp forwards. The TMJ lies immediately in front of your fingers. Tenderness, delay, clicking?

4. Marked tenderness of the temporalis muscle, masseter muscle, or external pterygoid muscle. The last is difficult to feel; using your index finger, pulp facing outwards, poke your finger past the upper row of teeth deep into the so called pterygoid pocket. Often in a TMD it's extremely tender with radiation of pain into the eye.

Do you have one or more of these?

Because the sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve lies in the upper neck, pain is felt there too.

Keeping to this thread, let me have some answers.

Dr B

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