pain in right ankle. is it serious?

by karan waghmate

I fell on my right leg on 2 may 2015; it was a sprain so I just rested home. After 3 days pain was still there so I went to doctor she gave me tetanus and painkillers but the pain was there after more 3 days I went again she advised for x-ray so I did it the x-ray didn't show any fracture so it was normal but the pain was there.

On 25 May 2015 I went again to a new doctor he gave me painkiller and said it will cure and gave ankle binder to wear but the pain is still there.

I want to ask that if I'm suffering from serious injury or it's just a normal ankle sprain which will heal in some days? And can you recommend what to do in this days and what not to do?

Hello Karan,
Did the ankle swell up?

Can you describe for me as accurately as you can where the pain is?

What increases the pain?

Dr b

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