pain in lower back and top and outside edge of right foot

by anita
(hanceville Al USA)

Pain started in lower back and then my buttock started hurting. I have pain on the top of the right foot. Then the outside edge of that foot started hurting. It almost feels broken. Xrays have been done on my foot with no signs of anything. Can my low back pain cause this pain on the outside of my foot?

Hello Anita,
Yes, the S1 dermatome supplies the outside of the foot, so a slipped disc at L5/S1 can certainly cause pain as you suggest.

There's an easy way to tell if it's your foot, or a referred pain from your back. Sit in a normal kitchen chair and extend the knee so your good leg is parallel to the ground. Lower the leg, and now extend your right knee.

Is the right leg much tighter than the left? Does it tingle in your foot?

You can put increased stretch on the nerve by following the direction for Slump test. Into the search function in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help type slump test for sciatica.

Ask a friend to squeeze, stretch, pummel your feet. Is the right foot much more tender and sore. That it would suggest it was a foot problem, probably not connected to the back.

See our lower back exercises in the navigation bar and if it's not improving, then I would suggest you see a professional of your choice. Don't let it become chronic.

Dr B

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