Pain high up in ankle when heel pressed upwards

by Ruby
(Farnham, UK)

Pain high up in ankle when heel pressed upwards.

Hi there,

I fell down a short set of stairs 9 months ago and managed to recatch my balance but ended up catching my left heel very hard on a stair.
My chiropractor said that my pelvis was shifted out to the right and forwards by the impact (my back is realigned and ok now).

I have taken it very easy for 9 months - no high impact sports. However, I still have discomfort and pain when I do anything that pushes the left heel upwards (such as wearing a shoe with a heel, walking down a hill or down stairs).

It is hard to describe exactly where the pain is - it is almost above the ankle, at the back (above the bony bit of the heel) and it is very deep inside.

Also when doing a glut stretch and crossing the left ankle over the right knee so that there is pressure on the outside of the left leg just above the ankle, there is also discomfort.

Any thoughts what this is and any tips on what to do? I'm an active person and would love to get back to a normal exercise routine.

Many thanks!

Ruby (UK)

Hello Ruby,
Obviously something happened in your ankle, as well as in the pelvis. Has your chiropractor examined your foot? You have told him or her I presume.

Joining the foot to the lower leg are two joints; the ankle mortise and the subtalar joint. Actually the latter, is a complex of three joints; see our ankle joint pain page.

When subluxated it causes very sharp pain, just as you describe. Normally it responds very quickly to a couple of simple adjustments, unless the cartilage was damaged, or worse a fracture lurking there in the ankle.

Not all chiropractors treat feet; I'd discuss it with your DC and see if he can't refer you to a colleague who has a FICS qualification; chiropractic sports injuries.

Then some alphabet ankle exercises would help too; see our site using the search function.

If it doesn't respond, ask for a CT of the ankle; plain xray often misses a subtle fracture.

Good luck; let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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