Opposite of TMJD

by Becky P.
(Hickory, NC USA)

After thinking I had TMJD for 3 years an evaluation with a periodontist showed that I have the very opposite; my jaw muscles are pulling my entire jaw forward! He had never seen anyone with this problem. It was to the point that my teeth did not meet anywhere and I was barely chewing and even having problems swallowing at times. Getting a crown on a tooth and the TMJ evaluation unleashed demons from a year of hell three years ago that was never explained.

I did discover at the end of the year that I had a 4th nerve damage to my eye- superior oblique palsy. Last week my entire back locked up; my chiropractor spent half an hour undoing every muscle group. Also have done medical massage 3 times in a week. After seeing the xrays my massage person was able to release the jaw muscles on one side. The problem side would not give much. She is going to try again.

I seem to be catching a nerve at times; I understand the scalene muscles trapping one into my shoulder and arm, but I can not seem to keep it released.

Can you tell me why I seem to catch the upper trigemingal nerve sometimes? It is not pain but numbness. Because I have a prism lens the pulling on my eye etc. skews my vision and I get slightly dizzy. And catching these nerves makes me feel sick. I am losing entire days again to this stuff.

The only reference I can find to muscles pulling forward in the jaw was to clenching the teeth. I can not handle another year from hell ( I have 15 pages that detail the crazy experiences that no one could explain). HELP! Any thoughts appreciated. Am I the only one???

Hello Becky,
No, you're not going crazy and what you feel, is what you feel. Just because no doctors understand it doesn't mean that YOU are crazy.

My thinking is that this is a case for a neurologist; the nuclei of the fourth and fifth cranial nerves are located close to one another, in the midbrain if my memory serves me correctly, so I'm wondering if there isn't a connection between the superior oblique weakness and the jaw muscle spasm; especially as you are also having difficulty swallowing.

My understanding is that you do have TMJD but just of a different sort. Can you actually feel these spasms pulling your jaw forward.

I'm sorry I don't have more to contribute; I feel it's out of my league!

Dr B

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