Old inversion ankle sprain acting up

To start with I have an inversion ankle inversion on my left foot, way back in August 2007. I was getting out of the car when I stepped on a rock causing me to topple over and sprained my ankle.

I never went to the hospital to get it checked or something. I just stayed home for barely one month until I could walk normally but still with pain. I didn't take any pain relievers for it. I just had my Aunt come every other day to massage my sprained foot.

Last week, I was carrying something and trying to get down from the ladder when I heard a loud "pop" in my ankle. It hurt for a while but it was gone and checked for bruises but there isn't, just a little swelling near my ankle. Until few days ago I started feeling like stepping on a rock then my knee and hips hurt I can't go up the stairs without experiencing pain in my knees and hips. Sometimes I feel like something is being stretched or torn around my ankle and the inner side of my knee.

Should I visit a doctor and would xray help to see if I torn a ligament or a more severe situation?
Thank you,looking forward for your reply.

Hello Cristy,
Of course, we have no idea what the original injury was. Most often there is tearing of some ligaments, strain of a muscle or two, and subluxation of either the ankle mortise or subtalar joints, or both. Fracture of one of the small ankle bones also occurs sometimes.

That changed your gait and hence you have the knock on effect on your knee and hip, or perhaps that was going to happen anyway.

The reduced movement in the ankle, if it was reduced by a fixated joint may have caused immobilisation arthritis. That is a distinct possibility.

In any event, what's now called for is an xray of your ankle, perhaps a scan though they are expensive, and a careful and thorough examination by someone knowledgeable about feet and ankles. Start hunting for the right person. Don't get put off with pain killers and anti inflammatories. You need a diagnosis and rehab of the ankle, and perhaps attention to the knee and hip too.

Good luck, it's probably not going to be plain sailing. In future if you have a serious injury like this, get it seen too.

Let me know in a month how you are progressing, keeping to this thread.

Dr B

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