Old ankle injury keeps locking

Old ankle injury keeps locking suggests a subluxated ankle mortise or subtalar joint.

I badly sprained my ankle on 5th February this year, along with stretched ligaments and torn tendons. It happened at football training and a strong tackle on my ankle forced it over to the the outside. When it happened I felt a pop in my ankle and there was immediate swelling and bruising. Ice was not applied immediately but about 45 minutes later and I could not walk on it for about a week.
I went back to football training four weeks Later on 26th February and then played my first match back on 28th February.

The injury has seemed fine and has been improving well since then, however recently the injury has started to lock up as I am walking or moving around on it. I have to rotate it for a while to get this to go away.

Yesterday I accidentally walked though my locked ankle and it clicked a bit higher up in my leg. Since that, my ankle has been locking extremely regularly, about twice every 5 minutes.
I was wondering if you could help because clearly this is not convenient for the start of the football season in a week!


First I'd start with our ankle exercises; do them frequently. They are simply mobilising; more needs to be done to strengthen the lower leg.

Perhaps more important is to find out what's happening; it sounds like you subluxated a bone in the ankle when you sprained it; usually the ankle mortise or the subtalar joint, but it could be others.

Start looking for someone who works with ankles; and not just expensive orthotics.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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