Numb right shoulder

by Madai
(los angeles, ca.)

Hello there, I am a 41 years old woman. I injure my shoulder when i was trying to take out a very tight dress out of me. ( it was very tight in my shoulders and my chest. I went for some massages and it was getting better and since i was using the rigth arm often it was still in some kind of disconfort and subtle pain.

so I went to the chiropractor and He did an adjustment in my spine and neck and after 24 hours i has such a awful head ache and still fell tinging some times and pain in some pressure points still and the right side of my shoulder all the way to the side and part of the right breast fell a bit numb and ich some parts. The adjustment happen a week ago.

Please let me know if You know what could be going on and what to do.

Hello Madai,
With your elbow against your side, Hold your right wrist with your left hand. Pull outwards against the resistance of your left hand, then press inwards. Compare with your left arm. Is it painful? Which? Pulling out, or pressing in?

Raise your arms above your head, then sideways, then behind your back. Any significant difference right and left?

Turn your head to the right, and then look up. Does it cause any pain or tingling in the arm or breast area?

Obviously your chiropractor, rightly or wrongly, felt the underlying problem was in your neck. Obviously it's not normal to develop such nasty shoulder pain taking off a dress! A neck subluxation is often the underlying cause of shoulder pain.

Some after chiropractic treatment pain is not uncommon. However, sometimes it can be excessive, and you need to discuss that with your chiropractor.

In both worlds, medical and chiropractic, worsening of the condition does happen. It's known as Chiropractic Iatrogenic Illness it happens occasionally in my practice, and I'm sure the person you consulted. A modification of the treatment is normally all that is required.

In Medicine, the slogan is: "if the pink pill doesn't work, try the blue pill." In Chiropractic, perhaps working on your shoulder instead of your neck. Discuss your after treatment pain at the next chiropractic consultation. If s/he doesn't listen, go elsewhere!

It sounds to me like you have a rotator cuff problem but I can't be sure until you let me have the answers to my questions.

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I hope this contributes,

Dr B

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