no pain Tietzes syndrome

by tommy
(seattle wa)

Tietzes syndrome

So my question has to do with the lack of pain ive been having. I have swelling of the sternoclavicular joint or the costochondral joint I'm not sure which on. All I know is, there is a lump directly below the left clavicle that seems to get bigger and small but never bigger than the collarbone. Just so you know, I am a plumber and my arms are above my head a lot and wondering if it could be from over use? I should mention that I do have pain in the left arm/shoulder. As for tests that ive had done, chest dray, ultrasound and bloodwork that all showed normal. Thank you for reading and any advice would be greatful! One Lawrence thing, ive seen 5+ doctors and noone can give me a difinitive answer. Thanks again


Hello Tommy,
It's good that you've had a good medical workup, just to rule out lymphoma, and of course that you don't have pain. Thus I wouldn't fuss too much.

The big question is whether it's affecting the brachial plexus and the subclavian artery in the Inter Scalene Triangle. Type this into the Search this site at C-H.

These structures pass through a small aperture, bounded by the first rib and the clavicle. Tietzes affecting the costo-sternal or claviculo-sternal joints could certainly disturb their rhythm and account for your shoulder / arm pain. Has anyone done "Adson's Test" on you? Type that too into the Search engine at C-H, perhaps without the 's. ie adsons.

It's a difficult test, very subjective but for me very conclusive because I've been doing it for years.

Would you send me a photograph of your lump?

I'm trying to summon the energy to publish a paper I gave at a recent congress on the chiropractic management of the condition. Badger me! It's a condition I love to treat! But it's always a challenge.

No pain? Don't fuss too much!

Dr B

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