no feeling in the lower part of my arms and thumb

by Samantha
(enola pa)

I've been having no feeling in my lower part of my arms and thumb and my hands bother me too. I also have stiffness in my neck and shoulders and shoulders blades; I don't recall injuring myself, I've been to an orthopedic doctor, chiropractor and physical therapy; stretching my neck doesn't seems to help. I've also been put on muscle relaxers for the pain cause you please help me with my issue I've been in pain for over a month now.

Hello Samantha,
Have you had x-rays? What do they show?

Do movements of your neck provoke the pain and tingling and numbness in your arms?

Is it only affecting the thumb in your hand, or other fingers too? Which fingers? Both thumbs?

Let me know, keeping to this thread. Please reply on a computer not in not so smartphone language.

Dr B

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