Nerve pain

by Linda

I have pain that radiates from my right lumbar spine down to my foot but it also radiates up the back to the mid thoracic spine. MRI results shows spinal stenosis due to short pedicles in the lumbar spine.

I have been told by my PT that I have a anterior/posterior pelvic tilt.

I also have a varus ankle and am experiencing a lot of foot pain. I cannot walk for more than 4 minutes without pain and tend to shift my weight to the left side. When walking, it feels like my left side of the pelvis is pulling my right side to the midline when walking.

It feels like my right side is twisted and being pulled to the left.

Hello Linda,
This is complex but I can say with some confidence that neither your lower back or pelvis will settle if you are constantly limping because of a foot condition.

My own particular preference is to find the subluxations in the foot, give exercises, rather than orthotics which are notoriously difficult to prescribe, often setting up other problems if they are not exactly correct.

A short leg may be a factor too.

You've had those short pedicles since childhood; they aren't new. Do you have a family history of severe lower back pain? They certainly do complicate things, but predate all your problems.

An abnormal, limping, gait will certain affect the pelvis too.

If the Slump test for sciatica is positive then certainly your lower back needs to be addressed. How that is done depends on your philosophy and who you are consulting. A surgeon has a scalpel in his hand, a chiropractor only his hands, and a doctor medication.

If you aren't getting anywhere with one PT, try another, or a chiropractor.

Are you doing any back and ankle exercises every single day? That's where I recommend you start. See what you can do to help yourself.

Dr B

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