Nerve ending that pinches in my left foot

by Fiona
(Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)

Nerve ending that pinches in my left foot

My body gets very sore as there is a nerve ending that pinches in my left foot near the talus. I can feel the other end of the nerve is under my left shoulder and I have heaps of trouble getting circulation in that foot.

It gives me pain in my knee, leg, hip, back, shoulder, neck, jaw, head. What is it and is there anything that can help?

Hello Fiona,
Thank you for your question and I hope I can contribute something meaningful.

Firstly, whilst the nerves that supply the ankle certainly don't end under the shoulder blade, faulty biomechanics in the ankle can certainly affect the whole frame.

You obviously think it's circulatory which it could be. But are you a smoker, significantly over weight or have raised cholesterol? If not, I'd rather be thinking biomechanical.

That ankle joint pain and pinching will have changed your whole gait, with a knock on affect on your whole body.

Of course, "the patient can have two (or more) diseases, so that doesn't mean there aren't problems elsewhere too.

Does standing and dawdling as in window shopping cause problems? A short leg... can certainly disturb your whole rhythm too. Trouser lengths equal? Ask a friend to look at your back as you bend forwards - any obvious unleveling of the pelvis or spine?

Honestly, Fiona, nothing but a careful and thorough examination of your foot and spine will determine where the source of your problem is. Start looking for a chiropractor who works with feet. A "FICS" chiro would be a good place to start. Ask your local association. Sports chiropractic qualification.

Find a good chiropractor ...

Don't expect miracles. It's going to take hard work to sort this out... let us know in a month or two how you are getting on.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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