Neck pain and tingling around the neck

Is this where you get the tingling?

Is this where you get the tingling?

Hello I was curious if you maybe help me figure out my symptoms. I have had an MRI and tons of xrays and other tests. Heart is good, Ortho says spine looks normal for my age.

But I have pins and needles and tingling and numbness in front and back of my neck. Tension on top of my chest with some burning but not much with pins also. I do have arthritis of course. 43 yrs old and manual labor most of my life.

The only way I can get rest at night is to lay on my side. Hurts on my back and definitely can't lay on stomach at all. Any advice please.
Thank you!!!

You shouldn't sleep on your stomach anyway; it you have been doing this most of your life, it's may well be what is causing these symptoms.

Arthritis at 43 is definitely NOT a given; what kind? Have you had trauma to your neck? Any old whiplashes?

As a general rule, manual labour is a good deal more healthy than sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen.

Arthritis, OF COURSE, thrives on a poor diet; are you eating any of the foods that are anti inflammatory on a regular basis?

You make no mention of neck pain; except in the title with question marks. Does it hurt if you turn your head and neck, look up and so on?

Do any of the joints between the ribs and sternum hurt?

Would you type in a copy of the x-ray exam of your neck and upper back please.

Dr B

» Neck pain and tingling around the neck

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