Neck and shoulder pain

Male 58 y/o: Initially had a stiff neck and pain radiated to the shoulder and arm, for 7 days. Pain went away but arm still feel weak, although it is getting better but still not normal.

If the pain recedes, mostly likely the strength will return; it may take a month or two.

The things to look out for are what happens when you turn your head to that side, and then look up. If it radiates into the arm, then it's known as Spurling's sign; quite ominous.

With the help of a partner, regularly do the upper limb tension test. If that arm remains much tighter, or painful then it indicates the nerve is still irritated.

There are many possible causes from a slipped disc in your neck to degenerate uncovertebral joints of Luschka.

The search function at Chiropractic Help will help you understand these terms better.

Dr B

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