My toes

I have always worked at a job where I was on my feet. I retired and then went back to work and now all the sudden it seems as if my toes are too close together and I get blisters from them rubbing together. They itch and burn and I have tried foot creams, no shoes, shoes and nothing is helping.
I put gauge between my toes to sperate them but it goesn't help much. It was just on qne foot but now its both. I don't have diabeties and I'm not overweight. I am 67 years old and this started just about a year ago. I have used ice that helps some but i was wondering if toe seperators would help. I had to quit my job because I thought it was from being on my feet again so now I have been off work almost a year. But now there still giving me fits.
I rub them but if I scratch them from the itching they get hot and turn red and make blisters. Please help me. Thank you

I'd start by seeing a podiatrist. It's possible you have an infection, fungal for example.

Then what's needed is a careful examination to see if you have metatarsalgia, or a Morton's neuroma, fixated joints in the midfoot or ankle.

Honestly, there are many possibilities; see someone experienced with treating feet.

Dr B

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