My ankle sprain no doctor can stop hurting

I rolled over my ankle two weeks ago but I never went to the softer; it always hurt until yesterday and it abruptly stopped hurting me but it's still swollen; what do I do?

I don't understand your title, but never mind. Or what a softer is.

If the pain has gone it will probably heal itself, if you give it time; if it was and is swollen, clearly you've torn something, and that will take a minimum of six weeks to heal. Get back in the deep end too soon and it will just aggravate it, and likely be even worse.

So, give it the six weeks and meantime use ice, do our ankle exercises, don't sport, but if you feel it's not painful start walking, and perhaps in a week or two jogging.

Listen to your ankle; it will warn you if you are doing too much. Don't go by the no pain, no gain, philosophy; with an injury of this nature you'll only worsen it.

If in another week or two it's still swollen, or starts hurting again, get a professional opinion.

Dr B

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