My ankle just started hurting with no swelling or bruise

I was just living my life, then one day, whenever I started walking, my ankle started hurting. I was at school in P.E., so I told the teacher and sat out.

It's been doing this for a while, but there's no swelling or bruise. That's good and bad in my opinion. It's not good (opinion) because it just makes it harder to find out what is going on.

It hurts every time pressure is applied, or when I walk on it.

I've put ice on it, but it never stopped hurting.

I can't find out why, since I was just in class.

Why is it hurting like this?

Obviously I can't make a diagnosis, being unable to examine you. I take it you're not the sporting type; often the pain may start the next day after an injury.

Seeing there's no sign of sprain or strain, and am I correct no previous problems, then I would suspect you subluxated a bone in the ankle with some unrecalled activity, probably the talus or calcaneus and provided you have it treated before it becomes chronic, it will usually recover quickly. Resetting the joint is simple in the hands a skilled adjuster.

You might try our ankle exercises for a few days and you may be lucky; it might reduce the subluxation spontaneously; find them using the site search function at Chiropractic Help.

See if you can find a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; he or she will know how to treat this.

Dr B

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