My 10 year old may have TMJ syndrome.

by Dewalla Smith

» My 10 year old may have TMJ syndrome.

My daughter has been having ear aches for sometime. Some have been infections. We went to a ear, nose and throat specialist yesterday. When we told him her symptoms, earaches, headache, and cold air bothering her ears. He informed us that Mya may be suffering from TMJ. Her ears were fine. The doctor touched her jaw and had her open and close it and the pain hit. She has been having headaches for years. What should we do, contact the dentist? Thank you!

Hello Dewalla,
Yes, I think your dentist would be a good start. She's very young to be having TMJ pain; it more usually starts after having dental work, especially wisdom teeth extraction, under anaesthetic.

So the question is whether this is really TMJ pain, or referred pain from the ears.

Then I would recommend an opinion from a chiropractor who is experienced in working with the jaw joints. Phone your local chiropractic association, and see if you can get a few names.

Is there any suggestion that she grinds her teeth at night? That's called bruxism and is a large complicating factor.

This is a little bizarre, but yes, it certainly can happen. Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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